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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a pedestrian is dead after another tour bus accident in san francisco. and it is news his family has waited on for years. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. a man is dead and a tour bus driver is being questioned tonight after another tour bus accident in the city. the bus hit and killed the pedestrian at the corner of post and streets this afternoon. ktvu's christina rendon is live at the scene with the latest details. >> ken, it's been about five hours new that post street has
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been closed off here, and you can see investigators are still mapping the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened, but here we are again talking about a third tour bus crash in three months in san francisco. >> a man in his 70s is believed to be the first pedestrian killed on san francisco streets in 2016. he was hit and killed by a tour bus saturday afternoon on post street. >> i'm shocked because there already has been two accidents, and, now, the third one, it's horrible. >> police are trying to determine if the man was in a crosswalk when he was hit. >> it appears that he may have been, and the bus may have been attempting to make a turn here at post and divisidero. >> tourists on board the hop on hop off bus from san francisco deluxe sight-seeing tours were questioned, along with the driver. investigators say it's too soon to know who's at fault. >> the bus driver, the bus company, they're cooperating with our investigation. >> witnesses say the man was caught beneath the back of the
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bus. >> a person that was with me was able to see that it was person was caucasian because they saw some skin. finally we could -- but we don't know who it is. >> this is the third crash involving a tour bus in three months. in november, a city sightseeing tour bus accident injured 20 people near union square after the driver claimed the brakes failed, and in december, nine people were hurt when a big bus double decker collided with a car on the embarcadero. >> felt so hardball for san francisco's reputation. we need tourists. we need safe transport for all people. >> it's just sad that you see that. you know, a lot of this is happening. nobody is paying attention. everybody is in a hurry, and so this is the result of that. >> right now, police are calling this an unfortunate accident. they're not sure if anyone will be cited or charged. obviously this is still under investigation, and we did reach out to deluxe sightseeing tours for comment, but we have not heard back from them before our deadline today. ken. >> christina, do you know what happened to the driver?
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i take it he was questioned, but he's been released. >> he has been questioned. it appears he's been released because right now only investigators have been left at the scene. the buses are already towed away. it appears everyone from the bus company and the driver himself are gone so, yes, it appears he's been released. again, still too early to determine if the driver himself was at fault or if it was the pedestrian. those are things that will be coming out as the investigation unfolds. >> thank you, christina. another band of wet weather moving through the bay area right now. it's one of a series of storms lined up over the pacific taking aim at the bay area. ktvu's rose mary is here with a look at the radar. >> where those scattered showers continue at this hour, ken, we had it more widespread as we move through the morning hours. let's take a look at what we're seeing right now. you can see some along the peninsula. light stuff, but it has been on and off all day long. some here over the santa cruz mountains and as we shift farther north along the peninsula, some right off the
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coastline there. san mateo bridge going on as well. as we get into the evening hours, scattered showers will continue. we have a high surf warning that will last into sunday. that means the possibility the sneaker waves as well as the run up and the rip currents will be with us. it includes the entire coast, nrt bay coastline along the san mateo coast all the way down into monterey. as for the second system, already have our eyes on this, so the scattered showers continuing as we get into the evening hours, but take a look at the storm right offshore. can actually measure it out. it's about 500 miles offshore, but it's going to move in. it's going to bring us even heavier rain. we are going to have wind along with this. we have advisories already expected for the north bay. a flash flood watch as well as the sierra. so when i come back, we'll detail this next system. we'll talk about how much rain has fallen so far and, again, those advisories coming our way for sunday. back to you. >> all right chl thank you very much. frms well, as the el nino winter continues, people are indeed preparing for more wet weather. the oakland fire department held a weather-ready workshop to help residents and business owners
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plan for more big storms. people learn important information about how to teal with flooding. high winds and also power outages. >> have a plan in place, know how to communicate with their loved ones and their neighbors, and practice. >> your local hardware store -- >> there was also advice on keeping your family, pets, and properties safe. another workshop is scheduled for wednesday, january 27th, from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. it will be held at the space and science center there in oakland. four people were arrested today, including a one-time oakland mayoral candidate during a demonstration in the east bay. [ crowd chanting [ >> about 75 people protested outside a mcdonald's including dan who ran for mayor in 2014. the protesters were demanding a that a long-term worker get his job back. protesters say the black employee was taken off the schedule a month ago with no
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explanation. demonstrators claim this is the latest in a string of racial work-related incidents targeting blacks in oakland. >> we want to make the connection very clear that black lives matter and black workers lives matter, as well, and those two things are not separate. they're intricately connected. that was the legacy. >> siegel and three other protesters were cited and releasted on trespassing charges. the own r of the mcdonald's franchise was unavailable for comment. marin county native and washington post reporter jason has been released from an iranian jail after being held captive for 18 months. he, along with four others, were freed in what's been called a prisoner swap. more now on the political implications of this historic deal, both do mesically and globally. >> washington post bureau chief jason is one of the american prisoners released today as part of what some are calling a prisoner swap. the other americans are former
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u.s. marine amir hekmati and a student identified as matthew. they're flying from tehran to switzerland and to germany for medical treatment at a u.s. military hospital. >> the family is excited about this, the children especially, not having a father for over three years, and so it's -- it's a bit, as you can imagine, it's -- it's shocking to, you know, believe that this day has finally come and that he's made it through. >> in return for the release of the prisoners, the united states is granting clemency to seven iranians imprisoned in the united states. washington also agreed to drop interpol red notices for a number of iranian fugitives. those are basically international arrest warrants. contenders for the white house are already reacting to the news. >> there may be some ugly parts of this deal that we don't know about yet so we should withhold judgment, but right now, i -- i give thanks that the americans are coming back, and this should have happened a long, long time ago. >> the prisoner swap happens as the international atomic energy
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agency issues a report on iran's nuclear program. the iranian transportation minister says that once economic sanctions against iran are lifted, they will buy 114 airbus jet liners. those european-made passenger planes will be used to upgrade iran's ageing civilian fleet. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. the chp is looking for the driver involved in a hit and run crash in santa clara county that critically injured a man. a 911 caller reported a one-car accident on road south of huntersville road around 2:15 this morning. when officers arrived at the scene they found the man badly injured and in a ditch. investigators say the man had crashed his suv and was trying to flag down someone for help when he was struck by another vehicle. he was so badly injured that he wasn't able to describe the vehicle involved. that driver took off. cell phone pings are helping narrow the search for a missing ski instructor in the sierra. 23-year-old carson may was skiing with his brother at sugar bowl resort when they became separated two days ago. authorities say carson never
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made it home, and his belongings were found in his locker at the resort. four feet of fresh snow and the risk of avalanche are making the search for carson more difficult. more than 50 searchers from at least 6 agencies are combing a high-risk avalanche area where authorities got pings today possibly from his cell phone. well, now to the reyes for the white house, and with just more than two weeks until the iowa caucuses, hilary clinton pulled out the big guns during a campaign event today, bill and chelsea clinton. this comes as ted cruz and donald trump continue to exchange barbs about a comment cruz made about new york voters. kristen fisher has more now from washington. >> with the iowa kau tus just 16 days away, trump is refusing to let go of cruz's comment that he, quote, embodies new york values. he said today on twitter, quote, when will ted cruz give all the new york based campaign contributions back to the special interests that control him? ted cruz has already apologized for that comment even if there was a dig at liberal new york
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politicians buried within that apology. today in south carolina he blamed trump's continued attacks on cruz's rise in the polls on iowa. >> it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy, and for whatever reason, donald doesn't react well when he's going down in the polls. knowing donald, that has got to drive him nuts, and i imagine it pulled him out of bed this morning and sent him tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. >> as for the democrats, new polls show the reyes continuing to tighten between bernie sanders and hilary clinton. a new university poll has sanders beating clinton by 14 points in new hampshire, and in iowa, a new des moines register poll shows them just two points apart in iowa. today, clinton brought out the big guns. the former president highlighted his wife's history of bipartisanship with republicans while simultaneously taking a dig at the current republican front runner. >> you just have to decide whether you want a change maker, not a change talker to be
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president. >> now, tomorrow night is the final debate for the democrats before the iowa caucus. it will be very interesting to see if sanders and clinton finally decide to take each other on face to face. now that the race is getting so close in those important early states. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. hundreds of people flocked to palo alto to see some of the latest high-tech innovations. >> somebody talking, it's one of those screens known as screen chatting on wheels. it allows people to have a conversation with someone from miles away. it goes beyond face time by allowing the person on this screen to move the device themselves remotely to see where they're going. it's called the bean plus, made by a company called suitable technologies. it was just one of the hundreds of devices and high-tech services at the tech fair in palo alto. some of the technology is giving people with limited mobility new opportunities.
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>> if somebody can't leave their home due to age or disability, they can -- they can actually work in a retail environment with one of these devices. >> the event was free, and the goal was to help people of all ages discover new technologies and services that can improve their lives. well, the humanitarian crisis in syria going from bad to worse. why the united nations says food and aid is not getting to those who need it. and we'll show you a new high-tech helmet that can actually call for help if you get in an accident.
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syria desperately needed humanitarian aid is slowly trickling into towns and cities besieged by both assad forces and rebel groups, but the united nations says it's not getting
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there fast enough leaning to civilians dying of starvation. more now from jerusalem. >> across syria, the un is reporting starvation being used as leverage in the ongoing civil war with both sides of the conflict laying siege to dozens of towns and cities depriving citizens of badly-needed food and medical supplies. the first aid trucks have arrived in madaya and other hard hit towns, but the un says it's not getting there fast enough to avoid a widespread starvation epidemic. >> across, there are 14 other, and these are locations where different parties to the conflict have been using siege as a tactical. >> the un says there are some 450,000 civilians new trapped in about 15 siege locations across syria, including areas controlled by the government, isis, and other groups. at least three dozen people have died of starvation in madaya so far, and that number is expected to climb.
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>> all sites, including syrian government, which has the to protect syrians are committing this and other atrocious acts. >> despite what many are describing as a deteriorating situation on the ground, the obama administration is standing behind its strategy to end the conflict. >> when you take a look at the battlefield inside of arook and in syria, there's important progress being made by the united states and our coalition partners. >> the russian military now responding to the crisis, as well, saying friday that a new objective of russian forces in syria is providing humanitarian aid. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. frms there is still no sign of 12 marines missing off the hawaiin island of oahu after two helicopters collided thursday. hours later, a coast guard helicopter spotted debris about two miles offshore. rough waters there are making search efforts difficult. a major medical company is
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issuing a raul and also redesigning devices after their medical scopes were linked to superbug infections. olympus is the largest manufacturer of those specialized scopes. the fda issued a warning to the company back in august after an outbreak of infections by antibiotic resistant bacteria at dozens of hospitals including some in los angeles. the recall comes just two days after a u.s. senate health committee criticized device makers for being slow to report the infections. frms it's being called a swiss army knife for your bike helmet. a new invention using smart phone technology to sense accidents and automatically call for help. reporter dug las kennedy explains how it works. >> to brett fulner, mountain biking isn't fun unless it's a little bit dangerous. >> so unfortunately, you have some family members who just want you to be -- >> yeah. 100%. if you fall on the trail, you could be knocked unconscious and not be able to move.
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>> there's so much we can do with the technology in this device. >> one of the reasons ryan sherman invented the mohawk, a state of the art sports helmet kit that can detect accidents in realtime. >> so you've got internal components here that sense impact and will immediately notify loved ones and ems if there's been a crash. >> that's correct. there's an on board motion sensor that can detect that collision. just like a black box in an airplane, it locks down the last two minutes, video and audio, so you have a full record leading up to the incident. >> but it isn't just about safety. a walkie-talkie system allows users to communicate with up to 12 friends at the same time making communal rides more communal. >> it also has advanced gps tracking that maps all activity of current and past trails and trips. >> the first device that's consolidating features from action cameras and communication dwiegss, navigation, activity tracking put in one.
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>> but it's the new advanced helmet recording tha leaves brit jumping for joy. >> so the camera always records the last 15 seconds of time so you never miss anything that's really great. >> absolutely. i can't tell you how many times i wish i could have gone back and turned my camera on and recorded what i missed, but that won't happen anymore. >> more importantly, he'll be safer if the trick he tries doesn't work out as planned. at graham hills park in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> well, if you are going for a bike ride today -- >> you are going to be wet. >> -- it was pretty sog goi out there. let's check in with rosemary filling in for mark. when i walked to the gym today, it was raining. when i drove to the work today, it was raining. >> just that steady light on and off at times as well. just scattered showers, soggy the entire day. a weak system, but none theless we brought in anywhere from a quarter to an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.
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let's take a live look outside, and into oakland. you could see right there atop the tower, the wind barely blowing that flag around. the winds have been generally light. the rain has been generally light, but it's just been on and off for most of the day, and cloudy the entire day. here is a look at some of the 24-hour rain fall totals. santa rosa picking up more than three quarters of an inch. mill valley doing the same. redwood city a quarter inch for you. san francisco about a third or so. concord almost four tenths of an inch. santa cruz mountains, six tenths reported for you. san jose, almost three tenths, and oakland picking up 34 one hundred dreds of an inch. still looking at those scattered showers. as we get to the evening hours, they will continue to roll ashore. very moist air in place at this point. up and down the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains, we have light shower activity going on and into the east bay right across the san mateo bridge there we've got some as well. backing it up again showing you this next system already on its way in. we are looking at about 400 miles off the coastline. this is going to be a stronger
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storm. this is going to bring along some wind and is bringing along the advisories, as well. take a look. for areas tomorrow in the north bay, fairly widespread from the coast into the valley and our hills. that flash flood watch with rain falls anywhere from about an inch and a half to two inches for our urban areas and our hills could pick up anywhere from 2 to 3-and-a-half inches. that is going to actually bring on the possibility for debris flow for our hills, ponding, and flooding for most places, and areas along the valley and the flash flood watch for lake county for the burn areas, as well. so that to be aware of for tomorrow. we are expecting the rain to start out fairly light, but by the evening hours, it's going to become heavy. and over portions of the lake county area, that lasting for the afternoon, looks like it should expire as we get into the second part of the day. also, winter weather advisory for the sierra. notice again it starts late in the day, will last all the way until 10:00. monday morning. snow levels are fairly high but will be dropping, and this is for the lake tahoe area, up to
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14 inches of new snow expected at the higher peaks, and right there at lake level, we could see a few inches, as well. here is a look at what we're expecting as we get going tomorrow. wake up with mainly dry weather, but by noontime, scattered showers. there is that heavy rain. 4:00 over the north bay. 6:00 into the central bay. 8:00 into the south bay, and then we'll continue scattered showers into monday morning. as far as rain fall amounts, we could see anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half with this next system, and the scattered showers are going to continue with another storm likely on tuesday and a chance for rain on wednesday. so all said and done over the next several days, we could pick up several inches of rain for the wetter spots. tomorrow morning with scattered showers, cloudy skies, low 50s in the forecast, afternoon highs, upper 50s to low 60s, a lot like today and the extended forecast showing you. our temperatures won't be changing a whole lot, and we will remain soggy, just on and off for the next several days, but the strongest storm of this series tomorrow into monday. >> so possible mud slides tomorrow if the rain picks up a lot. >> yeah chl absolutely.
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we could see that. especially over the north bay where they have that watch in place. >> okay. thanks. >> you got it. coming up, they call it one of the best weekends in sports. >> yeah. nfl divisional playoffs in early action today. bill up next with the outcome of the chiefs/patriots playoff matchup.
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joe here with sports now. if you love to hate the patriots, i guess this is a good thing. i don't know. >> no, it wasn't. if you love to hate them, this was not a good day for you, actually. this is the nfl playoff weekend in which the two division champions come off a week's rest and try not to get upset by the wild card weekend survivors. nice quarterback matchup in the afc game with alex smith and the chiefs against tom brady and the patriots. this is the stage on which brady has more experience than any player in nfl history. in his record 30th post-season game, brady fires a touchdown pass to rob gronkowski on the game's first possession. 14-6 with the chiefs driving in the 3rd quarter. that made this a huge play. smith today vis for nine yards, but davis coughs up the football, recovered by new england's dante hightower. the patriots took advantage. this is what resulted.
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it's brady to grung combrung again. 2 # 1-6 new england. new eng lapd holds on 27-20. the patriots will play in the afc title game for the fifth-straight year. brady's analysis, pretty simple. >> it was a great win. you know, took everything we got so a lot of guys played hard. a lot of guys have been fighting through some stuff so pretty special to get back to, you know, another afc championship game. the search for respectability continues for the usf basketball program. rex walters & company at home this afternoon against pepperdine. highlights hard to come by in this one. they miss, but reynolds pulls down the offensive rebound and makes a nice pass. boyce led usf 25. but this game was all waves wire to wire. cal fans remember murray. plays for pepperdine. gets three of his 27 points. the waves roll 98-84.
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usf is 99 overall. 3 and 5 in the wcc. the packers and cardinals playing in today's other nfl playoff game. the warriors playing in detroit. we'll have it all tonight at 10 on sports wrap. see you then. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, 48 hours, still no sign of a missing ski instructor at sugar bowl. >> to want, search teams are using cell phone pings to try to find him. that information unfornl natalie is taking them to some dangerous back country. the latest on that search koling -- coming up tonight at 10:00. we're always hear for yu online at on facebook, twitter. all of our apps, we'll have more for you tonight at 10:00. have a nice evening. enjoy the view.
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